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Window and Door Repairs

The operation and appearance of windows and doors, whether of timber construction, or aluminium-framed, tend to deteriorate with age and exposure to external elements.

Furthermore, one of the most common areas of concern is water ingress into the building, via poor weatherproofing and sealing between the window or door frame interfaces at the wall openings, which tend to lead to water damage and excessive moisture issues.


  • Water ingress, typically between the window or door frame and the wall opening, due to poor weatherproofing/sealing/flashings
  • Deterioration of the window/door frame, including due to exposure to the elements, fungal attack or termite damage


  • Inspect and investigate into the specific causes of any water ingress
  • Repair or replace damaged windows or doors, including the option of upgrading the frame or glazing type
  • Install new flashings, beadings and sealants
  • Provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance/cleaning of the windows and doors
  • Recommend/install further moisture prevention methods, including providing natural ventilation solutions, such as by installing vents and louvres