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Structural Works

Where issues such as cracking, sagging or instability are found, it tends to indicate that there are underlying structural problems, that would need to be addressed.


  • Deterioration of the existing supporting structure, including cracking or corrosion of steel beams and columns, or of the brickwork or reinforced concrete, which may affect the structural integrity of the building
  • Excessive deflection/deformation of timber or concrete flooring and supports, due to inadequate strength or sustained overloading
  • Inadequate structural support at the foundations (also see ‘Underpinning‘)


  • Inspect and investigate the structural issues, including with our Structural Engineers, if required, as well as provide recommendations
  • Removal of existing reinforced concrete slabs/walls/beams/columns and replace with new, higher capacity types (also see ‘Concrete Repairs’)
  • Removal of existing structural steel or timber beams and columns and replace with new, higher capacity types, or provide additional support to the existing
  • Repair or replacement of cracked brickwork (also see ‘Brickwork Repairs’)
  • Propping and bracing the existing structure