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Facade Repairs

The main function of the façade of a building is to provide protection from external elements, including being weatherproof and dustproof, as well as to enhance the aesthetics of the building.

However, deterioration of the façade may occur over time, due to factors such as building movement and settling (causing cracking), inadequate weatherproofing/waterproofing, poor flashings or sealants, corrosion and efflorescence.

Furthermore, one of the most common areas of concern is water ingress into the building, via poor weatherproofing and sealing between the window or door frame interfaces at the wall openings, which tend to lead to water damage and excessive moisture issues.


  • Water ingress, typically between the window or door frame and the wall opening, due to poor weatherproofing/flashings/sealing
  • Deterioration of the window/door frame, including due to exposure to the elements, fungal attack or termite damage
  • The effects of structural/surface damage, such as cracking. corrosion, efflorescence or discolouration


  • Inspect and investigate into the specific causes of any problem, such as water or dust ingress issues into the building
  • Re-render of existing external walls, including removal of existing render, repair/replace cracked/damaged brickwork and apply a new flexible acrylic type render
  • Repointing of existing brickwork
  • Repair or replacement of damaged/cracked/spalled concrete
  • Repair or replacement of windows and doors that are leaking or in poor condition
  • Replacement of cracked/corroded lintel bars
  • Install drip grooves
  • Repair or upgrade of balconies, including removal of existing tiles, apply new waterproofing membranes and install new tiles
  • Repair or upgrade of balustrades, including the option of providing complying frameless glass type balustrades, without handrails
  • High-pressure water jet cleaning
  • Repainting of external surfaces, using the high quality, protective paint systems
  • Applying highly effective and durable sealants to joints and interfaces